Manufacturing Process


Special care goes into each mattress and box spring.  We manufacture during each step of the manufacturing process.

Step One:

Every cover is overflocked and flanged for optimum tightness of cover to add durability to the mattress.  Rolls of ticking are quilted to the quality level of the mattress selected.  Panels we cut by hand for proper fit. Each ticking material has it’s own performance personality which needs to be considered, then cover is overlooked and flanged.  This step adds durability.

Step Two:

The padding materials are fastened to each spring so there is lens shifting.  Lens shifting means better wear.  While layers of upholstery padding provide zoned comfort, the spring unit provides the support.  Coil count and gauge of the wire are important.  The lower the guage number, the thicker and more durable the coil.  We only use double tempered units.

Step Three:

Our mattresses are carefully sewn together with painstaking detail to extreme tightness and stitching perfection.  Only the very experienced employees have the knowledge to do this important step.  Because we pad both sides of our mattresses, after one side is sewn, the operator flips the mattress to close the other side.